Author Topic: BRP Bessang Pass (AU-75)  (Read 6535 times)

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Re: BRP Bessang Pass (AU-75)
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Are those ships at the far side of the boardwalk decommissioned? Their paints are faded and the hulls seem rusty. One is clearly a PCE. The one that seems to be listing with a somewhat gaping hole on deck looks like a PKM.

Yes, they are Gunboats of the PCG (ie PG-61, PG-62, PG-63).
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Re: BRP Bessang Pass (AU-75)
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the white ship port of the jcpv  is a research ship; the little white boat starboard of the besang pass is a private yacht. Forgot her name....

isn't she Fort San Antonio? the subject for drydocking as per separate thread of mr A?
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