Author Topic: Republic Act 6975 and Republic Act 8551 : New law boosts police morale  (Read 16875 times)


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even without the law its already happening specially if you are pet of the incumbent

New law boosts police morale
By AARON B. RECUENCO August 12, 2009, 7:08pm

Cops facing duty-related criminal and administrative cases will no longer have to worry about their career in the police service after President Arroyo signed Wednesday a new law that would enable them to get promotions even if there are charges slapped against them.

Director General Jesus Verzosa, chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), said the new law, which amended the provisions of two laws governing the national police organization, Republic Act 6975 and Republic Act 8551, is one of the measures they aggressively pushed in order to boost the morale of their personnel.

Based on PNP policy before, a police officer is immediately barred from promotion if he is facing administrative and criminal charges.

But under the new law, a police officer facing investigation shall be considered for promotion if the case remains unresolved after two years.

“It is a fact that some of our police officers are themselves victims of harassment often by arrested persons who want to get back at their arresting officers,” said Verzosa.

“As such, the new law will also allow police personnel to avail of career advancement opportunities in the service despite harassment cases filed against them particularly before the Office of the Ombudsman, People’s Law Enforcement Board and other fora,” he added.

The PNP Chief, however, stressed that the new law is only for those who are facing service-related charges.

Verzosa also revealed that what President Arroyo signed is actually a double whammy for the PNP as the new law also grants an additional five years for undergraduate policemen to finish the educational requirement in the police service.

The official explained that the new law will benefit some 8,400 uniformed personnel, mostly former members of the defunct Philippine Constabulary and Integrated National Police (PC/INP) who were absorbed into the PNP who are yet to complete the required college degree as minimum educational qualification for appointment in the PNP.

“The officer corps and rank-and-file of the Philippine National Police are grateful to President Arroyo, the Senate and House of Representatives for passing and enacting this law,” said Verzosa.

“This will protect police personnel from harassment cases and provide for a program of continuing education for police personnel,” he added.

The new law entitled ” An Act Extending to Five Years the Reglementary Period for Complying with the Minimum Educational Qualification for Appointment to the Philippine National Police and Adjusting the Promotion System thereof, Amending for the Purpose Pertinent Provisions of Republic Act No. 6975 and Republic Act 8551 and for other purposes” was signed Wednesday afternoon.