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How many here knows we are part of N-11?

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--- Quote from: cesmeria on January 03, 2011, 11:13:48 AM ---Don't get me wrong Hugh,I for one is outside working for a Multi-national footwear company,we are about to finish our year ending inventories and most target given to me are almost okey.I cannot help but wonder why I was not doing this for my self instead I am doing it for others?

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Excellent question, but that is something only you can answer.

Consider too that although economic policies are business-friendly on paper, in practice the application can be shot to shit. Multinationals have the financial resources to overcome these roadblocks, but small businesses (I'm referring to tax-paying businesses, not the underground economy) are choked at the local government level by regulations (and corrupt practices) that discourage entrepreneurship.


--- Quote from: cesmeria on January 03, 2011, 12:43:23 AM ---Are we over the stigma of being a sick man of Asia?IMO,More Filipino's expats are managing multi national companies is simply because this is what we know best ''to manage other peoples business'' but not our own business which is what the ''normal asian do.Owning and managing by comparison is like doing something for others what you cannot and probably will not attain.

I'll stick with the stigma for a while! :lol:

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Haha stick with the stigma, for me that study is more of compass or a light house in the fog.  With all the negativity we hear and see around us, fogging our minds.  Studies from third parties like these kinda guides us on our bearings as a nation.  Sadly these things barely get out there in our media that most dont even know about it.

As for the multinationals, dont forget that we are a young nation so the same things can be said about our industrial base, hence older multinationals have a huge headway in terms of size.  Heck, even the Chinese companies with government support and money have a hard time breaking it in.

Given the time you could probably see more of:
- Unilab, the largest Pharma in South East Asia
- EEI one of the biggest construction magnates in Asia
- That port management company that bagged the contract in Florida
- SMC (at a time owned plants an companies all over Asia and Australia)

Even SMART and GLOBE is recognized globally in terms of cutting edge service.

add to your list sir:

Universal Robina - Largest Chips Manufacturer in South East Asia

Sirs, I know that our country is part of the N-11. See in wikipedia: Next 11
List of countries by future GDP (nominal)

sirs i don't know that our country is part of N-11 but i know for a fact that our country is booming in terms of economic progress because when i turn my head left or right i see constructions every where and that constructions are telling one thing  "it smells progress" and im always optimistic despite the media says that almost bla bla Filipino is poor compare to upper class or middle class


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