Author Topic: USCGC Hamilton's SEA Patrol  (Read 1441 times)


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USCGC Hamilton's SEA Patrol
« on: April 01, 2011, 06:55:11 AM »
We are now in the process of procuring the Ex-USCGC Hamilton. When it flies our country's navy jack and begins tour duty safeguarding our territorial, energy and food security, it won't be the first time it had patrolled Southeast Asian Waters.

It actually conducted patrols in Vietnamese waters from 1969-1970 under the Market Time program. It aimed to intercept weapons shipments meant for the VC.

Here's home video footage of that voyage. It covered leaving their home port, crossing the Panama Canal and making a stop at Pearl Harbor.

The vid has no sound and does not cover actual ops in Vietnam nor does it include their stop at Subic.

The Navy personnel sent to train and serve as plank owners of this ship are most likely studying the logs of its SEA patrol
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