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Army Dozen exercises
« on: April 20, 2007, 11:37:54 AM »
Does anyone have a copy of this?
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Re: Army Dozen exercises
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2007, 07:56:12 PM »
As far as I can remember these are the exercises. They are not in perfect order and one or two might be NAVY dozen mixed in (since I trained in both Navy and Army programs I tend to mix them up).

1. Stork Walk - Starting positon: Attention. Commence Exercise: Just like walking in place but with your arms and thighs going parallel to the ground with every step.

2. Turn and Bounce - Starting positon is feet 12 inches apart and arms outstretched on each side palms open and facing upward. When exercise commences, you twist your body in a clockwise/counterclockwise motion alternately as far as you can when pivoting on your waist. (You can hear your bones crackling in the first few counts).

3. Squat Bender - Position of exercise is position of attention. Commence exercise: a) Squat, b) stand, c) bend reaching for your toes and then back to attention.

4. Bend and Reach - Starting positon: Feet 12 inches apart, hands clasped together raised on top of your head. Commence exercise: Arms reach between the legs as far back as you can and then back to starting position.

5. Lunger - Starting positon: Attention. Commence exercise: a) Hands swing outstretched while left foot/right foot steps 12 inches away from other foot alternately. b) arms hug left and right leg alternately.

6. Squat Thrusts - Starting positon: Attention; Commence exercise: a) Touch the ground with your palms. b) Throw your leg outstretched to the back. c) back to position "a". d) back to position of Attention

7. Push-ups

8. Jumping Jacks

9. Back Bender

10. Squat Jump - Starting position: Duck Walk position. Commence exercise: Jump alternately bringing left and right legs from front to back. This is like duck-walking in place but you have to jump to move your legs from front to back.

11. Mountaineering

12. Pumpings

(12) High Jumper
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