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AFP budget for reservist and retiree affairs

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--- Quote from: saver111 on June 05, 2007, 09:25:46 PM ---Ahhh... the budget... ano ba talaga? :eyes:
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Hmmm .  . . you guys just gave me an idea.

From now on, I'll keep copies of the reservist budget on the reservist site, especially here:

Its just a link to the DBM document for now. Have work on the back-end stuff later.

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Interesting how the spirit of the law doesn't seem to be implemented:

SEC. 66. Funding. - All funds previously appropriated for the administration, development and training of the reserve component of the AFP and which will subsequently and hereafter be appropriated for the purpose shall be used exclusively for the purpose of implementing the provisions of this Act.

To sustain the efficient and effective administration, organization, training, maintenance and utilization of Ready Reserve units and keep them appropriately and adequately equipped and in a state of readiness, as well as provide for the adequate training of citizen soldiers or reservists, adequate funds for this purpose, as may be requested or recommended by the AFP Reserve Command or the AFP, shall be appropriated and made available on a continuing basis. The President shall utilize a portion of the Military Assistance Fund available from any source to augment the appropriation for the Reserve Force.


--- Quote from: Adroth on June 06, 2007, 08:26:48 AM ---The President shall utilize a portion of the Military Assistance Fund available from any source to augment the appropriation for the Reserve Force.[/i]

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Aha. hmm...  :thumbsup:

kng may allocated na budget sa reserve force bkit kmi ang bumili ng bda  namin nung nag MOT kmi? plss advise

I've had so many trainings, activities, and deployments in behalf of the PA(R), and I've never had a taste of that so called budget. BDA issues or otherwise. This is a sad fact.

In so many years of existence of PA(R) DART Coy, it only started getting the RIGHT team equipment c/o AFP during Col R Alunan's stint. But until now, 9ID(RR) has already been deactivated and reactivated as 15ID(RR), some of the funds for that acquisition project remain undisbursed.

Most of the team assets are donated by private organizations. Or worse, team acquisition [via contributions].

Most of my training are funded personally.

All my personal equipment, uniforms included, are personal acquisitions.

No gripes here though. That is just the reality and I've come to accept it. And I continue to serve, with pride.

One noteworthy difference between the 2007 and 2008 budgets is the lack of service-level reservist development budgets for the PN and PAF. However GHQ appears to have a consolidated budget.

PA: 3,087,000

PAF: None

PN: None

GHQ: 49,219,000


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