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What is the status of the Philippine Army UAV program?

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What ever happened to the Mapua - PA RPV project?

Another case of ningas kugon?

Indigenous Tactical UAV takes flight
The Philippine Army displayed a locally developed unmanned aerial vehicle last Independence Day. The following information was obtained from a Newsbreak report.

TUAV Characteristics:
Weight: 30 lbs.
Length: 4 ft. 2 in.
Wingspan: 10 ft.
Operating Ceiling: 2,000 ft
Speed: 50-80 knots
Operating radius: 12.43 miles (20 km)
Cost (incl. research and development, prototypes, etc.): P 3.5 million
Endurance: 2 hours

Developed by Col. Ricardo Morales and Obi Mapua, a board member of the Mapua Institute of Technology. Typical missions would include area surveillance, route reconnaissance, environmental protection, disaster assessment, and communications enhancement. Controlled by 3 to 5 ground technicians. Flight tests have been ongoing since February 2001. If successful, the plan is to eventually issue the TUAV at brigade level.

Nice!  Its really not that hard to make these RPVs its just the tech on the frequency leaper (forgot the correct term) to avoid jammings.  Ito na ata uso sa ngayon as pati RPV type subs are being developed.  Remember that old TV show where there's this hi-tech sub na may mga RPVs baka sa future ganun na ang norm.  

Medyo OT na ito but I gleaned from the grapevine that China is furthering tests on cloning.  As in human clones na.  Mas matindi yun if there's an ounce of truth to this as the human factor always has an edge over tech.  Parang laban na tuloy like doon sa Star Wars episode 1 (or 2 ba yun).

clone soldiers? maybe more on cloned body parts for battlefield medicine

What is the status of the Philippine Army UAV program? Are we still pursuing it, or are we buying models from Israel or Singapore?

--- Quote from: 7th Infantry Division Website ---The first demonstration was the product of years of research, the Army Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Army TUAV). The Army Aviation Battalion has five TUAVs. According to Col Ricardo Morales, the Assistant Chief of Staff for Plans, G5 of the Philippine Army, the small aircrafts are remote controlled and equipped with video camera especially designed to provide imagery intelligence and support area surveillance, route reconnaisance, environmental protection, disaster assessment and communication enhancement. Col Morales added that the Army TUAV will help soldiers corner the enemy and destroy their encampment during combat operations. The demonstration was held at the Aviation Battalion airstrip.
--- End quote ---

The Philippine Air Force is trying to make up for being caught flat footed in the UAV department:


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