New Sights for a Revived Workhorse: The M3 SpecOps Generation 2

photo courtesy of N-11

The locally modified sound and flash suppressed M3 Grease Guns issued to Philippine Marine Corps Battallion Special Operations Platoons were well received and will now get another modification: the addition of Weaver mounts and Simmons red-dot optics. This replaces the weapon's original, basic stamped sights and make it faster and easier to acquire targets, aim and shoot. The Weaver rails allow a variety of other optics including night sights to be used. This is yet another laudable, practical measure to increase the Armed Forces' effectiveness in the face of limited resources.

Simmons Red Dot Scopes

PMC/PN M3 page

photo courtesy of N-11

Information courtesy of N-11. Many thanks.

February 22, 2005

M3 SpecOps Gen2 at 40m, Marine Firing Range, Bonifacio Naval Station
Video courtesy of CSSB (December 26, 2005).

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