Author Topic: Jose Rizal's life in comics by Japanese artists  (Read 309 times)


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Jose Rizal's life in comics by Japanese artists
« on: April 03, 2019, 12:52:07 PM »
Now this is interesting.  2 artists from Japan have created a manga of Jose Rizal's life.
Arts & Entertainment
Japan Has Just Released a Comic Book Based on Jose Rizal's Life
What a fitting way to celebrate his birthday on June 19.

For Jose Rizal’s birthday on June 19th, a talented Japanese duo is giving him a gift we can all open: his own manga.

Manga is a form of comics done in a particular Japanese style that was popularized in the 19th century, similar to anime as a form of Japanese film animation. This 100-page, four-volume project about Rizal’s work during the period of Spanish colonization is a collaboration between award-winning manga artist Ryo Konno and writer Takahiro Matsui. The first volume was released on Rizal’s birthday, and a new chapter will be released every following Tuesday.


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